Achieve success at Wood Tech Warsaw Expo

Achieve success at Wood Tech Warsaw Expo

International Trade Fair of Technologies, Machines and Tools for Metal Processing –  Warsaw Metal-Tech is primarily a contracting event addressed to business representatives. During the three days, Ptak Warsaw Expo will be a meeting place for suppliers of metalworking techniques, technologies and representatives of companies operating in the field of distribution and processing of metals or metal products, as well as those dealing with the smelting of metals or metal products.

Warsaw Metal-Tech is the first fair in Poland dedicated to the broadly understood metal industry. It is a specialist trade fair, located in the business capital of Central and Eastern Europe and also response to the needs of the rapidly growing Polish machining sector. Participation in the most important industry fairs will strengthen your position on the market.

The fair is a great place to invite your potential customer base and present your products to them in a working mode. This is one of the few occasions when you can meet so many customers in such a short time.

The Warsaw Metal-Tech fair has its source in the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions – Warsaw Industry Week, which has been successfully held at Ptak Warsaw Expo for 6 years. Initially, wood processing was one of the zones of industrial fairs, but due to the dynamic development of the event and suggestions from exhibitors – we decided to organize a separate fair, dedicated exclusively to the metal industry.

The previous edition of the Warsaw Industry Week was visited by over 13,000 guests, most of whom were professionals, who will certainly appreciate the opportunity to learn about the full specification of the product they are interested in, as well as the opportunity to observe machines and devices at work.

The huge space dedicated to the organization of the event allows exhibitors unlimited possibilities of presenting their offer. Appropriate care for the visual impressions and aesthetics of the stand, as well as effective communication, especially before the event begins, will certainly draw more attention of event participants to your offer. By following the tips below, you will strengthen your participation in the fair, and also save a lot of stress and money when organizing your stand.

Before participating in the fair, think over the concept of your stand. Consider which machines are most important to you – it will allow you to fully use the space and arrange the equipment of your stand.

Once you have the plan, it’s time to move on to the stand equipment. Its most important elements are:

Branding – the first element that visitors look for at the stand is a logo or company name. Using banners or – to enhance the effect – an LED screen on which you can display how your machines are working in the production process.

Lighting – one of the most important elements of the stand, which will allow you to fully display the latest machines and tools. The intelligent play of lights will definitely increase the attractiveness of your stand and product.

The floor – complements and emphasizes the aesthetics of your stand, which we can see in all trade fair centers around the world. Therefore, the cover of the stand area is obligatory at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Power connection – imagine that you are about to get a new customer, but he needs to urgently use his phone, which is dead. Of course, you offer him a charger, but … you don’t have a power connection at the stand. So, when asked if the electricity at the stand is important, we answer – of course!

A meeting place – the fair is tens of thousands of people and hundreds of attractions that generate a lot of noise. When planning your stand, remember about an elegant and well-equipped place to which you will invite potential contractors to make a deal.

The above few tips will surely help your company to achieve success at the fair. If you have questions and are looking for an idea for the implementation of your stand, browse our catalog and contact us – we will create something special together!

Attractions and activities

The stand must have substantive value, but in order to present it, visitors must be effectively gathered. The attractions you prepare will be of key importance here. Your brand ambassador presenting products, the possibility of active testing or awards for trade fair participants are just some of the ideas that will help distinguish your stand.

Also, do not forget about reliable human capital during fairs. Experts who go out to the client and attract him to the offer in an accessible way will be much more effective than one employee hidden in the depths of the exhibition.

Preparing new products is a great idea to involve and attract existing customers to the stand. We know from experience that all new products and premieres interest visitors the most. This is a great opportunity to refresh business relations with current partners and deepen cooperation.


All of the above elements make up the most important one – appropriate communication regarding the presence at the fair. As an organizer, we provide thousands of visitors and offer a wide range of pre-trade marketing collaboration using our channels. What we need to support you are announcements of attractions.

The fair is also a good place to invite the base of your potential customers and present them face-to-face products. This is one of the few occasions when you can meet so many customers in such a short time. During the International Trade Fair of Technologies, Machines and Tools for Metal Processing, exhibitors can take advantage of the additional Hosted Buyers program. It is an effective initiative aimed at finding new business partners and developing companies abroad.

Shared success

A successful fair for our exhibitors means a sense of a job well done. We believe that this article will be useful for you and will allow both exhibitors and visitors to get the most benefit from participating in the Warsaw Metal-Tech. At each of the above stages, of course, we provide the necessary substantive support, and more details can be found in our “for exhibitors” tab.

A wide range of solutions for the metal industry

A wide range of solutions for the metal industry

During Warsaw Metal-Tech, 20,000 m2 of exhibition space will be used exclusively by exhibitors representing the metal industry. The wide thematic scope of the event will allow participants to ge to know innovative solutions and technologies as well as numerous machines and tools for metal processing.

The metal industry, as one of the most dynamically developing sectors, is of key importance for the entire economy, mainly due to its strong links with its other sectors. The products manufactured by enterprises operating in the field of metal processing are used by companies operating in the automotive, transport, aviation, food, construction, electronic and other industries. Characteristic for the metal sector is that it is fragmented into many groups, which are usually made up of small and medium-sized entities specialized in a given field. The industry includes, among others: companies operating in the field of distribution of metals or metal products, manufacturing plants dealing with the smelting of metals or metal products, and enterprises from the metal processing industry.

Warsaw Metal — Tech is a place where entrepreneurs dealing with metal processing will be able to comprehensively supply their plants, as well as find solutions that will help optimize and improve production. During the fair, exhibitors will present, among others: machines, devices and technologies for metal cutting, plastic and thermal processing, protective equipment for employees, technological tooling of machine tools, laser cutters, plasma cutters, punching machines, press brake, guillotine shears, as well as machines, abrasive devices and materials, lubricating additives, control and measurement devices and the latest software. During the event, there will be a presentation of the latest technologies and techniques used for metalworking.

The International Trade Fair of Technologies, Machines and Tools for Metal Processing at Ptak Warsaw Expo is an opportunity to invest in the company, as well as exchange information, valuable know-how and experiences resulting from everyday work and related to taking up new challenges.

The development potential of the metal industry is unlimited. Trade fairs allow you to track changes in the market and follow trends on an ongoing basis. Take part in Warsaw Metal-Tech.

The premiere edition of Warsaw Metal-Tech

The premiere edition of Warsaw Metal-Tech

Between January 24-26, 2023, the first edition of the Warsaw Metal-Tech International Trade Fair of Technologies, Machines and Tools for Metal Processing will take place. The event is dedicated to specialists and representatives of companies operating in the metal industry.

Warsaw Metal-Tech is a fair derived from the International Industrial Fair Warsaw Industry Week. Initially, it was one of the zones of this event. Due to the dynamic development of the event, as well as individual industry sectors presented at the fair, and above all, listening to the voices of the industry and suggestions from exhibitors – we decided to organize a separate event, dedicated to the metal industry. On January 24-26, 2023, a wide range of equipment, machines and tools for metal processing will be presented on the 20,000 m2 of exhibition space intended for the organization of the event.

Warsaw Metal-Tech will be a rich exhibition, but also a platform for numerous debates, conferences and workshops. It is a specialized trade fair that is a place for business meetings and presentations of innovative metal forming technologies, technically advanced machines, precise tool solutions and services for processes related to industrial metalworking. Thanks to a wide industry spectrum, event participants will have the opportunity to get to know innovative technologies and trends, as well as increase their knowledge and skills. The event is a fantastic opportunity to explore and discuss the future of metalworking with industry leaders and experts.

Meetings during Warsaw Metal-Tech are an opportunity to present the most important topics for the industry, as well as explore the specific problems of metal industry companies related to the daily functioning of enterprises and to outline solutions together.

Participation in the fair will certainly favor the right decisions and actions aimed at optimization and improvement of processes in the enterprise, which will translate into its efficiency and profitability. Warsaw Metal-Tech will be an opportunity to find answers to questions regarding the implementation of production processes and its planning, warehouse stock management and ensuring appropriate raw materials, production costs and product quality control in order to strive for its perfection.

We kindly invite you to the premiere edition of Warsaw Metal-Tech!